Museums / Universities

VISUALCOUNTER offers a complete range of solutions in the ‘Museums / Universities’ sector that allow you to analyse the count, flow and behaviour information of your visitors, with the ultimate goal of optimising the service provided and managing the exhibition and shopping spaces in an effective and professional way

Hourly patterns of inflow in different points of access

Rate of visits to different shopping areas

Staying and walking around times in the museum and its different areas or exhibitions

Maps of activity and customer trajectories in museums

Influence of meteorology on influx

Degree of recurrence / loyalty of visitors

Manual or automatic management of single lines of customers waiting at the points of service or sale

Time spent in queues and customer care at service or sales points

Improvement of customer service through the optimisation of energy, cleaning and security resources

VISUALCOUNTER solutions for the Museums / Universities sector


Analysis solution for customer flow in commercial areas

The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market


High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element

Different technologies (2d / 3d-stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer


Solution for the detection and passive tracking of people through their mobile devices with WIFI or Bluetooth communications activated


Queue monitoring solution in commercial areas and optimisation of waiting times


A single row management solution that allows us to accelerate flow in order to improve customer service

VISUALCOUNTER analytical tools for the Museums / Universities sector


Analytical web tool for centralised data management of influx, flow and indicators for your business


KPIs management analytics web dashboard for flow, influx, customer behaviour and business ratios


Software tool for the optimal and automatic management in real time of the opening / closing of tills or points of sale


Toilet cleaning event management tool in commercial and business areas in order to optimise customer service and the logistics of cleaning resources

Benefits of VISUALCOUNTER solutions the Museums / Universities sector

Improvement of customer / visitor experience

Optimisation of necessary services based on daily / weekly / monthly influx patterns
Optimisation of visitor waiting times
Avoid the accumulation of long queues at points of sale and services
Optimal management of cleaning, energy and safety resources

Optimisation in the management of shopping areas

Impact of promotions, marketing and advertising on the flow of customers in shopping areas
Measurement of the audience of advertising channels
Management of the renting of commercial areas
Analysis of the behaviour of customers in order to adapt to their interests

Optimisation of operating costs

Optimal staff management with influx patterns
Measurement of the efficiency of the different services provided to visitors
Optimal management of cleaning, energy and safety resources
Avoid the accumulation of long queues at points of sale and services
Meteorological influence

VisualCounter experience in the Museums / Universities sector