The Company

We design, manufacture and
market our own technological solutions
for a flow of people analysis

About us?

Spanish Engineering Company with more than 15 years in the IT sector.
Our speciality is the design, manufacture and marketing of flow analysis solutions for people / passengers in sectors as diverse as retail, banking, public transport, airports, museums, etc.
At present, the installed solutions fleet exceeds 40,000 units in more than 80 countries.

What do we do?

Through its Engineering Department, VISUALCOUNTER has the ability to effectively solve any of the technical approaches related to its activity sector.
Equipped with the most advanced technological resources, we have a highly qualified human team capable of solving, in an integral and rigorous manner, any customer request.
Our combination of experience, seriousness, philosophy of work and resources, has been created in order to enable the optimisation of costs, deadlines and quality, turning challenges that otherwise seemed unattainable into reality.

Where we are?

Our scope of action is, both in the national territory with a continuous and solid process of expansion, the provision of a leading position for over 15 years, and in the international scope, the coverage of leading markets such as the European, Asian, American and African, with the ability to deliver any of our products anywhere in the world

What is our goal?

In essence, VISUALCOUNTER’s quality policy is aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of our customers, committing ourselves to the development of efficient and sustainable new processes that ensure our expansion in the market and offering in any case the best quality price.

Our commitments offer the highest management quality

VISUALCOUNTER’s management team, being aware of the importance of quality for the management of the company and the provision of its services, aims to ensure its implementation in the market, competitively, adopting commitments such as:

Continuous improvement of the quality management system, through collaboration with suppliers, customers and the application of new technologies.

Improvement in the professionalism of our employees and suppliers, as well as in the establishment of processes that strengthen our progress.

Analysis and compliance with the legal requirements and satisfying the customers themselves will enhance the improvement of our productive activities.

The planning and simplification of the solutions to be adopted, will be a constant element in the decision making process.


We seek economic and social sustainability, human quality, organisational excellence and sustainable development

In our forward-looking project we will create value according to conditions of economic and social sustainability and the human touch by our employees.
Organisational excellence and sustainable development are the attributes that constitute the fundamental core of Visual Counter’s values, and they allow us to build and sustain the vision of the company, generating a positive impact within the working environment.

WE ARE AIMED towards national and international commercialisation, consolidating the firm commitment with prudential criteria and minimisation of risks in the results.

WE PROGRESS in conditions of sustainability as a guarantee for growth.

WE ARE COMMITTED to maintaining a solid financial structure

WE ANTICIPATE in terms of the design and organisation of the company's management, and in compliance with standards and recommendations in order to generate more security, more control and more transparency.

WE PUT THE MAXIMUM TRUST in our clients in order to guarantee the best results in any situation.


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