Pedestrian Areas

VISUALCOUNTER offers a complete range of solutions in the  ‘Pedestrian Areas’ sector that allows you to analyse the information on the count, flow and behaviour of people visiting or walking through certain exterior pedestrian areas of cities

Time patterns of inflow in pedestrian areas

Staying and walking times in pedestrian areas

Degree of recurrence / customer loyalty (new, daily, weekly, monthly, occasional, …)

Measurement of the commercial potential of the area for the opening of a commercial space

Maps of activity and customer trajectories in the pedestrian area

Influence of meteorology on transit in the pedestrian area

VISUALCOUNTER solutions for Pedestrian Areas


Analysis solution for customer flow in commercial areas

The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market


High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element

Different technologies (2d / 3d-stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer


Solution for the detection and passive tracking of people through their mobile devices with WIFI or Bluetooth communications activated


A solution of bidirectional counting of people in external commercial areas with great precision using infrared laser sensor beams


Monitoring system for waiting areas at public transport stops to in order to detect the presence of possible passengers

VISUALCOUNTER analytical tools for Pedestrian Areas


Analytical web tool for centralised data management of influx, flow and indicators for your business


KPIs management analytics web dashboard for flow, influx, customer behaviour and business ratios

Benefits of VISUALCOUNTER solutions for Pedestrian Areas

Make the management of commercial and advertising spaces profitable

Measurement of the commercial and advertising potential of streets, crossing points, advertising signs, shop windows, videos in advertising channels based on the influx patterns
Management of the rental of commercial areas

Optimise the commercial value of the area

Impact of promotions, marketing and advertising on the flow of customers
Measurement of the impact of opening / closing commercial premises in a nearby geographical area
Analysis of customers’ behaviour in order to adapt to their interests
Measurement of meteorological influence

Improve visitor experience

Management of energy, cleaning and security resources with daily / weekly / monthly influx patterns
Improved visiting and strolling experience through services adapted to the real demand
Adequacy in the management of time between changes in traffic lights to the actual flow of people in pedestrian crossings

VISUALCOUNTER experience in Pedestrian Areas