Solution for single queue management at service or sales points
Accelerates the passage through the service point to improve customer service

Screen with visual and sound notifications
Screen located in the single queue waiting area, with visual indicators and sound warnings to guide the customer to the available checkout

Simple and varied customisation options
Configurable number of available checkouts
Location of the configurable queue with respect to the checkouts to facilitate the direction indicators
Messages in different languages
Customer’s corporate colours and logo

IP communications
LAN Ethernet TCP/IP
WLAN Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (optional)

Flexible integration with checkout availability
Information relating to the availability of checkouts by:
Buttons at each one of the checkouts for manual event activation
– Remote integration at system level (IP messages, web services, etc.) with the checkouts or centralised system

On-screen advertising aggregation
Possibility of incorporating advertising messages by means of fixed images or on carousel in a specific area of the screen.Information remotely updatable upon customer request

Centralised remote management platform
Software for the remote management and monitoring of different shop platforms, both in their operation in real-time and that relating to their use history

Scalable technology
Integration with sensors for real-time monitoring of the number of people waiting in the single queue and average waiting time
Integration with age and gender recognition sensors


Configurable design tailored to the customer

Display in different languages

Unlimited number of checkouts

Possibility of buttons for manual activation

Possibility of advertising images

Centralised monitoring platform


Customer experience

Increases customer satisfaction by reducing the perception of waiting time at checkouts

Efficiency increase at the checkout

Reduces the average waiting times generated by multiple queues, increases the flow of customers and distributes the loads to each checkout

Intelligent staff management

Optimised checkout staff management depending on waiting time

Sales increase

Encourages the purchase of essentials in the single queue

Improves the impact of marketing campaigns

Carry out more effective marketing campaigns with direct advertising on the checkout notification monitor

Easy installation and integration

Rapid installation and integration with any system



Traffic and detection of smartphones by areas
Business and customer conversion ratios
Area occupation and visits by time
Average length of stay by time and areas
Categorisation and behavior of returning customers
Data of customers traffic by access
Activity and path maps
Mapas de actividad y trayectoria
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Web analytics dashboard for management of KPIs for traffic, flow, customer behaviour and business ratios