Software tool for the optimal and automatic real-time management of the opening/closing of service or sales points

Latest generation predictive algorithms
This solution optimises the real-time management of the number of open checkouts in commercial areas based on the entry flow of customers, the length of stay and monitoring of the operation of all the sales point terminals

Checkpoint opening/closing recommendation
This solution provides real-time and future recommendations for the optimal number of checkouts or sales points for the business operation

Monitoring of business indicators
This solution continuously monitors business operating indicators: open checkouts, waiting time in queues and receipts generated per checkout

Management of the traffic to the commercial area
The ‘VisualCounter.Vision’ counting devices make it possible to manage the entry of customers and their exit without buying

Easy data integration
Flexible data integration with all the customer profiles (csv, xml, web services)

Analysis of customer flow and length of stay
The ‘VisualCounter.Tracker’ smart phone detection devices allow analysis of length of stay and customer flow within the commercial area in an imperceptible way

Centralised management and multiplatform access
Management of different commercial areas from a single centralised server in the cloud or corporate server on the Intranet, and accessible my means of a browser on any platform (pc, tablet, mobile)


Online management of checkout
opening and closing

Monitoring of checkout operations

Business indicator analytics


Customer experience

Optimises the number of open service or sales points to prevent customer congestion in queues

Operating cost

Optimises the number of open service or sales points to avoid empty checkouts, whose staff can carry out other tasks

Business analytics

Manage in detail the most important indicators of your business:
Traffic to the commercial area
Exit without buying
Number of open checkouts and their operations
Transit time
Waiting time in queue
Service time at sales point
Categorisation of customers according to their loyalty: daily, weekly, new, occasional ..




  • The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market
  • Based on the innovative ToF (Time of Flight) technology
  • Possibility of queue management in waiting or payment areas
  • Optional WiFi smartphone tracking module
  • M2M / IoT – 4G/5G communications module
  • Possibility of employee detection:RFID / Bluetooth / Ir


  • High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element
  • Different technologies (2D / 3D-Stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer


Solution for the detection and passive monitoring of people through their mobile devices with activated WiFi or Bluetooth communications