Information on customer traffic and movement
Integration of customer traffic and movement data from the VC.Vision-5D and VC.Vision-2D/3D

Analytics of customer flow and behaviour
Integration of customer movement data (activity maps, paths, visiting areas, attraction potential customer ratio, stay time, fidelity) from the smartphone wifi tracking solution VC.Tracker solution

Advertising channels and window display audience
Integration of customer movement data in advertising and window display areas from the VC.Area-Sense solution

Counting categories and grouping behaviour
Integration of people counting categories (customers, staff, adults, kids, babycarts, shopping carts, vehicles) and grouping information (individuals, couples and groups/families)

Use of fitting rooms and cleaning of toilets
Integration of fitting room use and cleaning event management data with the VC.FitRoom and VC.Clean-Manager solutions

Management of waiting times in queues
Integration of data of customers waiting and waiting time in service or sales queues from the VC.LineView solution

IoT – Cloud services
IoT Cloud architecture platform with the possibility of predictive and big data analytics services

External data aggregation
Possibility to incorporate external business data

Multiplatform and multilanguage
Multiplatform and in multiple languages (ES/EN/PT/FR)


Traffic and detection of smartphones by areas

Business and customer
conversion ratios

Area occupation and visits by time

Average length of stay
by time and areas

Categorisation and behavior of returning customers

Data of customers traffic by access

Aggregated meteorological information

Activity and path maps


Performance of the commercial area in real-time

Traffic patterns by time periods

Customer dwell time

Attraction ratio (visits) compared to the potential customers from the surroundings

Reduction of waiting times in payment queues

Detection / exclusion of employees

Grouping info (individuals, pairs and groups / families)

Visit ratio of departmental areas

Comparatives between shops, brands, regions, etc

Advertising channels and window display audience

Analysis of hot and cold commercial areas

Usual customer paths

Degree of customer loyalty and return

Management of fitting room and toilet use

Management of energy, cleaning and security resources

Integration of external data (receipts, staff) for the calculation of conversion ratios

Weather influence




  • The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market
  • Based on the innovative ToF (Time of Flight) technology
  • Possibility of queue management in waiting or payment areas
  • Optional WiFi smartphone tracking module
  • M2M / IoT – 4G/5G communications module
  • Possibility of employee detection:RFID / Bluetooth / Ir


  • High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element
  • Different technologies (2D / 3D-Stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer


Solution for the detection and passive monitoring of people through their mobile devices with activated WiFi or Bluetooth communications


  • Solution for the management of fitting room occupation and service in a commercial area by means of intelligent sensors which are invisible to the customer
  • Innovative radar technology that can pass through walls and ceilings which is ‘invisible’ to anyone in this private space


Solution for queue monitoring in commercial areas and optimisation of waiting time


Solution for the monitoring of pedestrian zones (streets, window displays, pedestrian crossings, public transport stops, etc.) and detecting the presence of people and determining their transit flow