High accuracy, two-way people counting solution for outdoor commercial areas using infrared laser sensor beams

Counting in outdoor transit areas
Allows the counting of people in covered or uncovered transit or access areas with widths of up to 6 metres

Latest generation algorithms
Counting algorithms based on certified high-efficiency neural networks, even with crowds

IP communications interface
Remote management with Ethernet IP communications

Robust design integrated into the pedestrian environment
Adaptation to outdoor environments with a great variety of housings

Internal storage of historic data
Traffic data (entries and exits) remains in memory mapped in a day table available up to a maximum of 30 (every 5 minutes) or 10 (every 1 minute)

Automatic adaptation to the scenario
It adapts automatically to changes of scenario in the monitoring and counting area, thus it is not necessary to change its parameters

Rigorous system control
Detection of anomalous situations and sending of alarms

Easy data integration
Flexible data integration (csv, xml, web services)

Centralised management
Unlimited number of devices managed from a single centralised server in the cloud or corporate server on the Intranet, through the statistical management web application VC.i-Stats


Analysis of the flow of visitors in open transit or access areas

Daily/weekly/monthly traffic patterns

Measurement of the advertising value of outdoor transit or access areas

Management of energy, cleaning and security resources with traffic patterns

Influence of the weather in outdoor commercial areas

Management of the renting of outdoor commercial areas



Day / week / month / year intervals
Comparative between stores / accesses
Graphics by months with annual evolution
Meteorological information
Exportable to various formats
Complete statistical reports
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Web analytics tool for centralised management of traffic, flow and indicators of your business

Traffic and detection of smartphones by areas
Business and customer conversion ratios
Area occupation and visits by time
Average length of stay by time and areas
Categorisation and behavior of returning customers
Data of customers traffic by access
Activity and path maps
Mapas de actividad y trayectoria
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Web analytics dashboard for management of KPIs for traffic, flow, customer behaviour and business ratios