Management tool for the maximum customer flow at commercial areas (retail, shopping centres, supermarkets…) and at businesses

Ocuppation management at comercial areas
The tool obtains, in real time and with high precision the number of customers and employees separately that remain in the area, through the usage of VisualCounter´s people counting devices at the different access points relying on ‘TIME OF FLIGHT’ technology and providing the highest accuracy (>98%) on the market

Configurable alerts capacity limits
The user can define capacity thresholds, (excluding employees through detection / differential counting) creating alarms if these are trespassed (emails, messages, signals, etc…)

Real time ocupation data consulting
Customer counting information is sent to the cloud through Ethernet / WIFI / 3G-4G in real time. The user can consult and visualize the capacity in real time through a web browser or APP on a PC, mobile or Tablet . Occupancy values can be visualized and managed as numeric values or occupation levels (colours)

Easy integration with signaling devices
VisualCounter counting devices provide I/O, USB and serial port connections, for the integration with illumination signals, doors or face screens that show messages or alerts to the customers

Export possibility to third party dashboards
The occupation values can be exported through web services for third party application integrations

Wifi tracking and other counting systems integration
Other counting sensor models from VisualCounter can be integrated as well as external information sources such as detection/tracking of WIFI smartphones


The ToF technology allows the distances of bodies to be estimated by calculating the time elapsed between the emission of an infrared light beam and the receipt of the reflected ray, in order to obtain a high accuracy and resolution 3-D image in real-time

Processing algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that enable accurate counting, identification and tracking of people


The approach at commercial areas must change in order to respond under a new situation generated due to COVID-19

The drop out rate of customers without shopping can rise if overcrowding exists at checkout or at exposed areas

The type of commercial experience which the customer will demand will be heavily focused on avoiding crowds of people

Commercial operators must look for solutions which allow to manage the maximum customer flow at commercial areas




RGB Ethernet LED bar to indicate capacity in real time.
Available in 3 sizes 25, 50 and 100 cm