Tool for managing cleaning events in toilets of commercial and business areas with the aim of optimising customer service and the logistics of cleaning resources

Monitoring of the use of toilets
This tool provides knowledge in real-time and with great accuracy of the number of people that are accessing each toilet, through the use of ‘VC.Vision’ people counting devices in their outer access area

Management of toilet cleaning events depending on use
This tool allows a maximum limit to be defined of uses of each toilet with the aim of offering optimal customer service

Notifications for cleaning events
When the defined usage limit is exceeded, notifications or alarms are generated that are received by the cleaning coordinator or employee on the ‘VC.Clean-Manager.APP’ mobile application

Staff validation with rfid technology
The tool validates staff and closes the cleaning process on a RFID reader in the access area to the notified toilet after its cleaning

Closing of cleaning event on mobile application
The tool validates the staff and closes the cleaning process on the mobile application itself

Analytics of cleaning events management
All the system information is managed in a remote and centralised way, this allows historic and comparative analytics of the various processes: number of uses of the toilets, number of cleaning events, delay in their cleaning after the notification, effectiveness of the cleaning staff, etc.
Possibility of incorporating, together with the RFID identification terminal, a screen for users to value the provided service and the cleaning in each one of the toilets


Notifications for coordinating the cleaning on a mobile application

Detail of the different cleaning events

Real-time information on the use and need for cleaning the toilets

Historical and comparative analytics of the cleaning processes

Historical and comparative analytics of the cleaning processes

Possibility of the customer assessing the provided service


Optimally manage the cleaning in the toilets in your commercial or business area

Optimise cleaning shifts based on their real use, and not on a fixed time period

Reduce the staff cost overruns arising from inefficient management

Know and improve the opinion of your customers as regards the state and service of the toilets

Analyse the patterns and times of greatest and least use

Compare the effectiveness and speed of different cleaning employees




Traffic and detection of smartphones by areas
Business and customer conversion ratios
Area occupation and visits by time
Average length of stay by time and areas
Categorisation and behavior of returning customers
Data of customers traffic by access
Activity and path maps
Mapas de actividad y trayectoria
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Web analytics dashboard for management of KPIs for traffic, flow, customer behaviour and business ratios



  • The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market
  • Based on the innovative ToF (Time of Flight) technology
  • Possibility of queue management in waiting or payment areas
  • Optional WiFi smartphone tracking module
  • M2M / IoT – 4G/5G communications module
  • Possibility of employee detection:RFID / Bluetooth / Ir


  • High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element
  • Different technologies (2D / 3D-Stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer


RFID reader for employee identification and validation of access or toilet cleaning events