Analysis solution for customer flow in commercial areas

The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market

Latest generation tof (time-of-flight) technology
Innovative time of flight technology that creates a high-resolution and accurate 3D image (with no GDPR impact) based on infrared rays reflected from the surroundings

Maximum accuracy with artificial vision algorithms
Processing algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that make it the most accurate people counting system on the market (>99%)

Smartphone detection and tracking
Integrated module for detection and tracking of smartphones

Customer segmentation and grouping behaviour
Customer path tracking, object identification and customer segmentation by height and grouping behaviour (individuals, couples and groups/families)

Waiting in queue management
Monitoring of people in queues and their waiting time

IP / IoT / M2M cloud-native communications
IP communications (Ethernet PoE, WiFi) and IoT/M2M native modules (LTE-M 4G / NB-IoT 4G / 5G)

Staff identification
Variety of integrated technologies for the ‘identification and exclusion of employees’:RFID, Bluetooth, IR, mobile App, NFC

Easy data integration
Flexible data integration (API, text csv, xml, JSON, web services)

Internal storage of historic data
Historic data storage up to a maximum of 400 days

Remote and centralised cloud management
Remote cloud management of an unlimited network of devices


The ToF technology allows the distances of bodies to be estimated by calculating the time elapsed between the emission of an infrared light beam and the receipt of the reflected ray, in order to obtain a high accuracy and resolution 3-D image in real-time

Processing algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that enable accurate counting, identification and tracking of peoplenas


People counting and customer paths

Daily/weekly/monthly traffic paths
Usual customer paths
Occupation of the commercial area
Counting of people passing and interested in the window display

Detection and tracking of smartphones

Rate of attraction into the shop’s commercial environment
Visits and usual paths in department areas
Dwell time in the shop and its different departments
Returning customer rate / loyalty
Maps of activity and movement in the commercial area

Waiting in queue management

Identification of the number of people waiting in queues
Estimation of the average waiting time and drop-out rate

Identification of employees

Identification or exclusion of employees
Different integrated technologies: RFID, Bluetooth, IR, Mobile App, NFC

IoT – Cloud services

Cloud IoT architecture and platform with possibility of predictive and big data analytics services



Day / week / month / year intervals
Comparative between stores / accesses
Graphics by months with annual evolution
Meteorological information
Exportable to various formats
Complete statistical reports
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Web analytics tool for centralised management of traffic, flow and indicators of your business

Online management of checkout opening and closing
Monitoring of checkout operations
Business indicator analytics
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Software tool for the optimal and automatic real-time management of the opening/closing of checkouts and sales points

Notifications for coordinating the cleaning on a mobile application
Detail of the different cleaning events
Real-time information on the use and need for cleaning the toilets
Historical and comparative analytics of the cleaning processes
Historical and comparative analytics of the cleaning processes
Possibility of the customer assessing the provided service
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Tool for managing cleaning events in toilets of commercial and business areas with the aim of optimising customer service and the logistics of cleaning resources



RFID reader for employee identification and validation of access or toilet cleaning events