SINCE 2002

We design, manufacture and market our own technological solutions for a flow of people analysis

Visual Counter is a Engineering Company with more than 15 years in the IT sector.

Our speciality is the design, manufacture and marketing of flow analysis solutions for people / passengers in sectors as diverse as retail, banking, public transport, airports, museums, etc.

At present, the installed solutions fleet exceeds 40,000 units in more than 80 countries.

How can VISUAL COUNTER solutions
help improve your business?

  • Development of daily / weekly / monthly influx patterns
  • Measurement of the attraction rate of a shop in its commercial environment (shopping centre, street…)
  • Analytics of customer behaviour: visits to departmental areas, walking time, usual trajectories, waiting time, definition of hot spots
  • Customer categorisation (fidelity): daily, weekly, new, occasional, potential, etc.
  • Optimisation of customer waiting times in service or sale queues
  • Proactive reduction of exits without purchase with the improvement of the customer’s purchase experience based on services adapted to the real demand
  • Automatic management of opening / closing points of sale or services
  • Measurement of meteorological influence
  • Impact of promotions, marketing and advertising on the flow of customers in commercial areas
  • Measurement of the audience of advertising channels
  • Management of the rental of commercial areas
  • Analysis of customer’s behaviour in order to adapt to their interests
  • Tailor-made marketing in off-hours and for different customer profiles
  • Cross visits between different departmental areas or business areas
  • Optimal management of staff and stock
  • Comparisons between shops, brands, regions …
  • Measurement of the impact of opening / closing your own stores or those of the competition
  • Management of energy resources, cleaning and security with influx patterns
  • Avoid the accumulation of long queues at points of sale and services
  • Daily and historical analysis of passenger flow data by line, stops, vehicles and doors
  • Optimisation of services (routes, frequency of transit)
  • Optimisation of vehicle use (number and size)
  • Measurement of fraud in the event of non-payments
  • Analytics of the origin-destination of passengers and crossing of trajectories-routes
  • Measurement of the impact of opening / closing lines and events (shows, fairs, works)
  • Analysis of occupancy or loading of vehicles by stops at different time intervals and days
  • Optimal marketing management at each stop and each vehicle
  • Measurement of the audience of advertising channels and the impact of promotions
  • Measurement of the efficiency of the different processes and services provided to passengers
  • Meteorological influence

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