Aggregated analytical data
Aggregated information every 1-5 minutes of maximum/medium/minimum values of the number of people in the queue and waiting time

Operational notifications/alarms
Option to generate notifications or alarms in real-time to management staff of the service or sales point, by means of an App or Smartwatch, if thresholds for the number of people or waiting time are exceeded

Variety of type and size of queues
System valid for single queue, multiple queue and optimised with separators

Grouping of waiting areas
Possibility to virtually group monitoring areas to create larger scale waiting areas

Latest generation technologies and algorithms
Innovative Time of Flight technology that creates a high-resolution and accurate 3-D image (with no GDPR impact) based on infrared rays reflected from the surroundings
Processing algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that allow maximum data accuracy to be obtained

IP / Bluetooth / IoT / M2M cloud-native communications
IP (Ethernet PoE, WiFi), Bluetooth and IoT / M2M (LTE-M 4G / NB-IoT 4G / 5G) native module communications

Easy data integration
Flexible data integration (API, text csv, xml, JSON, web services)

Internal storage of historic data
Historic data storage up to a maximum of 400 days

Remote and centralised cloud management
Remote cloud management and analytics of an unlimited network of devices


The ToF technology allows the distances of bodies to be estimated by calculating the time elapsed between the emission of an infrared light beam and the receipt of the reflected ray, to obtain a high accuracy and resolution 3-D image in real-time


Processing algorithms based on neural networks and fuzzy logic that allow the accurate detection, identification and tracking of people waiting in a queue, as well as the estimation of the waiting and service time


Customer experience

Improves the customer’s experience by preventing the congestion of customers waiting in queues to be attended to

Business operations

Optimises the number of open service or sales points to comply with that previously established contractually or by the service quality policy
Optimises the number of open service or sales points to prevent cost overruns due to unnecessary staffing when low levels of assistance are required

Queueing behaviour analytics

Identification of the number of people waiting in queues
Estimation of the average waiting time in queues
Service time at the sales point

IoT – Cloud services

IoT Cloud architecture and platform with possibility of predictive and big data analytics services



Traffic and detection of smartphones by areas
Business and customer conversion ratios
Area occupation and visits by time
Average length of stay by time and areas
Categorisation and behavior of returning customers
Data of customers traffic by access
Activity and path maps
Mapas de actividad y trayectoria
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Web analytics dashboard for management of KPIs for traffic, flow, customer behaviour and business ratios