Large variety of types of graphics
Display of customer traffic (entries and exits) with different types of graphics, tables with numerical data, accumulated, historic, comparative information, etc

Analysis in different time intervals
Aggregated display of the traffic information in time intervals of 15 minutes, hours, weeks, months, years, predefined/specific periods

Ratios and comparatives between shops or accesses
Easy comparative between different shops/accesses of the hierarchy and calculation of their overall weights

Centralised management
Unlimited number of counting devices managed from a single centralised server in the cloud or corporate server on the Intranet

Hierarchical data structure
Display and hierarchical aggregation of data at any territorial level and of accesses

Differentiated/tailored user profiles
Different user profiles with access to specific data hierarchies

Meteorological data
Automatic and free aggregation of meteorological data

External data aggregation
Possibility of incorporating business data (receipts, validation, etc.)

Multiplatform and multilanguage
Allows management of the data on any device (desktop computer in your office, or your mobile device or tablet), in four different languages (ES / EN / PT / FR)


Day/week/month/year intervals

Comparative between stores/accesses

Graphics by months with annual evolution

Meteorological information

Exportable to various formats

Complete statistical reports


Maximise the customer / visitor ratio

Daily / weekly / monthly traffic patterns
Proactive reduction of departures without buying
Optimisation of customer waiting times
Influence of weather

Make marketing plans profitable

Impact of promotions, advertising, etc
Measurement of the advertising channel audience
Times adapted to different customer profiles
Management of the renting of commercial areas
Discounts at times when there is little traffic

Optimise operating costs

Optimal management of staff and stock
Comparatives between shops, brands, regions, etc
Measure the impact of opening/closing your own or the competition’s shops
Management of energy, cleaning and security resources with traffic patterns
Avoid the formation of long queues at the checkouts




  • The most reliable (99%) and robust people counting solution on the market
  • Based on the innovative ToF (Time of Flight) technology
  • Possibility of queue management in waiting or payment areas
  • Optional WiFi smartphone tracking module
  • M2M / IoT – 4G/5G communications module
  • Possibility of employee detection:RFID / Bluetooth / Ir


  • High accuracy people counting without the need for any external mechanical element
  • Different technologies (2D / 3D-Stereo) for offering a solution tailored to the needs of each customer