Two-way passenger counting solution for public transport, VISUALCOUNTER.TRANSIT-TOF systems provide bidirectional counting of passengers on public transport, and allow you to register and analyse passenger flow data by stop and door in a reliable and accurate way (>98% efficient)

Latest generation ToF (time-of-flight) technology
Innovative time of flight technology that creates a 3-D image with maximum resolution and accuracy based on active IR illumination infrared to detect passengers and special objects (bicycles, wheelchairs, babycarts,…)

Maximum reliability with AI algorithms
Designed with Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on neural networks that are highly reliable in any situation and scenario (light changes, meteo and passenger flow density)

Discrete design adapted to the vehicle
Installed on the doors, in a non-intrusive and discrete way, with different housings, anchorages and trim tailored to each client

Variety of communications interfaces
RS-485 serial or TCP/IP Ethernet communications

Power options
9-36 VDC or PoE (IEEE 802.3af) power

Easy integration with external systems/sensors
Optocoupled digital I/O that allows easy integration with other systems

Easy installation and a minimum maintenance
A single device per door. Easy plug&play installation without complex configurations or settings to maintain

Automotive and railway approvals
Approved by official laboratories for their installation in automotive and railway vehicles


Time of Flight (TOF) technology allows the estimation of the distances of objects by calculating the time between when an infrared light beam is emitted and when the reflection of the ray is received.
Through the use of Time of Flight (TOF) sensors with the highest resolution we can obtain native 3D images of the surroundings, with precise information about the distance of each object from the sensor

The 3D images are processed using the latest AI algorithms based on neural networks to determine with the highest accuracy the number of passengers who enter and leave through a door


Flow management of passengers in different vehicles, doors, routes and stops

Passenger occupation management of the vehicle over its entire journey

Improvement in fraud management and optimisation of the inspection personnel

Public transport service optimisation (routes, transit frequency)

Optimisation of vehicle use (number and size)

Measurement of advertising value of stops, posters and in-vehicle video channels



Data analytics of passengers and daily stops
Historic passenger flow analytics
Transport operating data analytics
Analysis of journeys, stops and access by door
Geolocation of stops
Estimation of vehicle occupation
Passenger origin-destination analytics
Analytics of passenger access to the vehicle
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Information analytics software tool for traffic and flow (origin – destination matrix) of passengers by routes, journeys, stops and doors in public transport vehicles



Passage counting data manager and gateway to remote cloud service for its management and statistical exploitation


Add-on module for analysis of the passenger origin-destination matrix by means of passive tracking of their smartphones with activated WiFi communications