Software analytics tool for information on traffic and flow of passengers by routes, journeys, stops, doors and origin-destination matrices on public transport vehicles

Passenger flow data
Detailed information of traffic and flow of passengers by routes, journeys, stops and doors, in different time intervals

Operational indicators
Analysis of lines load diagrams and average trip per passenger

Vehicle occupation data
Real time public transport vehicle occupation monitoring over the journeys for passengers and dedicated spaces (wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles)

Analysis of Passenger origin and destination (stops and lines) within the public transport network

Vehicle geolocation
Real time and historical geolocation GPS of vehicles

Centralised management
Unlimited number of public transport vehicles managed from a single centralised server in the cloud or corporate server on the Internet, with multiplatform and multilanguage access

Operational data aggregation
Possibility of aggregating operational data via GFTS or SIRI as well as tickets for fraud estimation

Meteorological data
Automatic and free aggregation of meteorological data

Customized user profiles
Different user profiles with access to specific sets of data


Data analytics of passenger flow correlated with meteo, aggregated by lines / stops / directions / journeys / doors

TOP historic line/route analytics

Transport operating data analytics

Estimation of passenger
load/occupation in vehilces/lines

Geolocation of stops and routes

Average trip per passenger

Passenger origin-destination matrix

Analytics of passenger behaviour
inside the public transport vehicles


Online and historic analytics of passenger flow in different vehicles, routes, stops and doors

Optimal management of the lines, service frequency, number of vehicles and their size by hourly intervals and days of the week

Measurement of fraud by non-payment on board

Analytics of passenger origin-destination and crossing of paths-routes

Measurement of the impact of opening/closing of lines and events (shows, fairs, works)

Analytics of vehicle occupation or load by stops at different hourly and daily intervals

Optimal management of marketing at each stop and each vehicle

Measurement of the audience of advertising channels and impact of promotions
Influence of weather




  • The most robust and accurate passenger counting solution on the market (>98%)
  • Based on high resolution and accuracy ToF (Time of Flight) 3D disruptive technology
  • Additional module for WiFi passenger tracking and obtaining the origin-destination matrix