Public Transport

VISUALCOUNTER offers a complete range of solutions in the ‘Public Transport’ sector that allows you to analyse the flow and behaviour information of passengers on public transport vehicles (buses, trams, trains, trolleybuses, …), with the ultimate goal of optimising routes and services efficiently and professionally

Daily and historical analysis of passenger flow data by line

Analytics of the operation of public transport vehicles

Innovative 3D technology ‘Time of Flight’ with highly reliable algorithms> 98%

Detection and counting of special objects: wheelchairs, baby strollers, bicycles, etc

Geolocation of stops in real time

Monitoring of vehicle occupancy at each stop

Analytics of the origin-destination matrix of the passengers in the different lines

Analytics of passenger access to vehicles

Monitoring of passengers at public transport stops

VISUALCOUNTER solutions for the Public Transport sector


The most robust and accurate passenger counting solution on the market (> 98%), based on the disruptive 3D ToF ‘Flight Time’ technology with high resolution and precision


Manager and passenger data gateway to remote cloud servers for statistical management and results


Add-on module for the analysis of the origin / destination matrix of passengers through the passive tracking of their ‘smartphones’ with activated WIFI communications

VISUALCOUNTER analytical tools for the Public Transport sector


Influence and flow information analytics software tool (origin-destination matrix) of passengers by routes, trajectories, stops and doors in public transport vehicles

Benefits of VISUALCOUNTER solutions for the Public Transport sector

Optimise operating and service costs

Online and historical analysis of the flow of passengers in different vehicles, routes, stops and doors
Optimal management of the lines, frequency of service,
number of vehicles and their size by time intervals and days of the week
Measurement of fraud in the event of non-payments
Analytics of the origin-destination of passengers and crossing of trajectories-routes
Measurement of the impact of opening / closing lines and events (shows, fairs, works)
Analysis of occupancy or loading of vehicles by stops at different time intervals and days
Optimal marketing management at each stop and each vehicle
Measurement of the audience of advertising channels and the impact of promotions
Meteorological influence

VISUALCOUNTER experience in the Public Transport sector